Ramona Johanneson

With more than 30 years of experience in personal insurance as a producer and educator, Ramona specializes in complex coverage. Her expertise is particularly valuable for high-net-worth individuals with unusual combinations of assets, such as multiple homes, art, jewelry, antiques, or luxury automobiles. Whether you’ve worked hard and prospered, inherited substantial assets, or both, Ramona understands your specific needs.

Ramona handles the personal insurance for financial guru Suze Orman and served as the writer and expert consultant for the Suze Orman Insurance Kit. She also contributed insurance expertise to one of Suze Orman’s bestselling books, Women and Money.

A little more about Ramona
Ramona’s academic background is in psychology. She understands that “listening is the most important thing.” Being keenly aware of the client’s perspective and previous insurance-buying experience allows her to address the right priorities and craft the right message.

Creating a program that meets all of the client’s needs and being able to communicate it clearly is the cornerstone of the Farallone brand. Deeper insight and clearer communication than what you’ll find elsewhere is part of the Farallone difference.



Ramona Johanneson
Personal Insurance
B.S., Psychology, California State University, Sacramento
Clinical Psychology, California State University, Sacramento
Licensed in Property and Casualty (since 1984) and
Life and Disability (since 1995)
CA License: #0730406

Contact information:
Telephone: 415.493.2502 (Marin)  916.688.7741 (Sacramento)
Email: rjohanneson@fp-ins.com