Farallone Pacific Gives

Helping you make a difference

Farallone Pacific Gives is a unique referral program that supports your social and educational causes. It is an easy way to help nonprofit organizations and schools generate more funds. Putting our money where our heart is, this program gives us the opportunity to contribute to more organizations whose work improves the lives of others in our local communities every day.

Here’s how the program generates income for your organization:

Introduce Farallone Pacific Gives to your stakeholders (board, volunteers, employees, funders and supporters), and if they’re interested, they contact us.

We recommend comparable or better insurance coverage to them, often with their same insurance provider.

We give 20 percent of our commission from these policies back to your organization.*

This is not a one-time offer—the income to your organization continues for two years when the policies renew.

We’d love to get you started as soon as possible. Contact us and we’ll get you enrolled in the program. With the Toolkit we’ve created for you, it’s easy to share the program with your supporters.


* No tax deductibility for individuals.