Manage risks to reduce premiums

We created CompWorks™ to help nonprofit organizations, schools, and businesses manage their workers compensation costs when we realized the premium paid always tracks back to historical claims. If we can help you better manage your risks, you’ll have less claims and accidents and ultimately a lower premium.

CompWorks is a road map that shows you how to reduce your WC costs. The program was built on the belief that the success or failure of any risk management program is driven by management buy in, employee engagement, and the process which holds it all together.

At Farallone Pacific, we’ve helped many organizations save hundreds of thousands of premium dollars through the CompWorks program. It is exciting to see the transformation, when a focus on safety translates to premium dollars that go back into operating budgets. And while saving money is always a win, it is equally rewarding to see injuries go down, efficiencies go up, and the smiles on people’s faces as they succeed through collaborative effort.



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Workers Compensation Broker Services
• Dedicated Claims Resource to Support Human Resources
• Quarterly Claims Tracking Report
• Quarterly Claims Trending Report
• Experience Modification Forecasting
• Experience Rating Form Audit
• Risk Management Training and Resource Library Access
• Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) Review
• Special “Documentation” Premium Discounts offered by Carriers

CompWorks Training Sessions

  • Programs not Premiums: How Much Money is on the Table?
    Gets management aligned around the idea that building a safety culture is the key to reducing premium costs.
  • The 6 Keys to Creating a Successful Safety Committee
    Shows management how to build a safety committee that effective, sustainable, and fun.
  • The 8 Essential Elements of an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan
    Helps the safety committee understand OSHA’s “blueprint” for translating safety throughout the organization.
  • Workers Compensation Claims 101 Training
    Helps HR staff develop the confidence to successfully manage all aspects of workers compensation claims.

Other Workers Compensation Trainings
• “Train the Trainer” Office Ergonomics
• Blood Borne Pathogens 101
• Violence in the Neighborhood
• What to do with your Chemicals: Global Harmonization Training
• Slips, Trips, and Falls
• Fleet Management 101: Where the Rubber Hits the Road
• Janitor & Maintenance 101: Backs, Ladders, and Tools
• What’s Cooking: How to keep your Kitchen safe

Other FP Risk Management Services
• Sexual Abuse Training: What you don’t want to know
• Discounted 50 State Criminal Checks (depends on carrier)
• FP Volunteer Handbook Template: How to organize and control your volunteer and intern exposures
• Emergency Evacuation & Disaster Recovery 101
• Shifting Your Liability: Contractual Risk Transfer 101
• Sample participant, minor, vendor and other contractual waivers
• Crime 101: Managing the Risk of Insider Theft
• Where Are You? Risk Management Best Practices Audit
• Directors and Officers: Key Facts about Legal Liability & Insurance
• Violence in Schools: What you need to know to be prepared
• Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) – Alcohol Server Training

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